Social Media is my Frenemy

God, just once I’d like to log onto Facebook and not have to read some bull shit pro-Trump post from a family member. It just sets me off. He is ridiculous. Truly a joke for so many reasons. I, like a lot of Americans, am still having trouble coming to grips with the fact that people I’ve known my entire life, people I’ve looked up to, voted for the world’s biggest bully. He made fun of someone with special needs. In front of cameras. Openly. He has called a number of women “cows” on tape. Openly. I will give him one thing. He sure as hell hasn’t ever tried to hide who he is.

Sadly, with the elimination of Bernie Sanders, last year’s election was, in some ways, a lose/lose. But really? This clown? I’m still not over it. And don’t tell me I have to be. The system failed us all miserably. And as I’m trying to work through that (yes, still), the last thing I need is to log on and read all of the negativity coming from both sides. Just read the comments section of any Trump related news story. I just read a real impressive war of words between a woman who merely pointed out that Melania is sometimes unfairly attacked and a man who insists that, I guess based upon his impression of her profile picture, this reader has no business defending women because she herself is “a disgustingly, fat poor excuse for a female”.

People, I’m outraged. I’m annoyed. I’m shocked. I’m jaded. I thought our country was better than this. I thought there were more good people than bad. I’m not so sure anymore. And that’s why I’m not over the election. I’m not grieving the loss of my candidate. I’m grieving my once idealistic view of my country.

All of this gets me so worked up sometimes. I can be doing laundry and stop for a moment to look at my feed and bam. Depression, anger, disbelief. I can’t be the only one feeling this. There have to be people everywhere, on any side feeling this too.

So, although I can certainly admit that I’m a full on social media addict, I’m contemplating just how much more I can take. If it isn’t Suzy Homemaker posting perfect pictures of her perfect kids in her perfect, spotless kitchen every five seconds, it’s ol’ Gertrude Clueless who doesn’t know how to differentiate between real and fake news sites posting outlandish pro-Trump “stories” and claiming feminism to be the work of the devil.

When will we get our shit together? Will we ever? Does anyone think logically anymore or have we all reverted back to a childlike state, only acting on our emotions, throwing tantrums and calling each other names? Do I just need to give up and cut ties with social media? Am I just too sensitive to this stuff? What will things look like for my daughter, or my daughter’s daughter? Will they even know how to communicate without social media and technology?

And just like that, my frenemy has me all anxious and sad again.


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