Post the Damn Selfie

I hate to hear people complain about the number of selfies someone posts. Sadly, this sort of negative commentary is usually from a female and about a female. I’m talking about comments like, “I don’t know anyone more full of herself” or, “Someone sure likes the way they look.” I’ve comprised a small list of reasons we should all be more pro-selfie, and less critical.

1. She feels good. And we all know that, especially as women, it’s really freaking hard to feel good about yourself. There are constantly media images and ads in our faces to remind us that we aren’t flawless goddesses. So you know what, when someone feels enough like a flawless goddess to snap a photo of herself and post it, for the love of god … support her. Celebrate that. We need more of that.

2. Who else will take the picture? As busy professionals and moms, who the hell else will capture the moment for us? You and the baby making funny faces? Take the picture. Did you just nail that interview? Take a victory selfie. Celebrate fleeting moments. And be happy for those who wish to freeze time for a second.

3. We don’t live forever. It’s a bummer, but it’s true. It’s nature. It’s sad. But when we look back through old family photos now, what do we really get to see? Great Grandma all dolled up on her wedding day? Everyone gathered around the Christmas tree? These are beautiful, memorable moments. But I’d love a selfie from my great grandmother. It would give me a little insight into who she really was in everyday life. Was she confident, comfortable, happy, or silly? Avery will have selfies of me to look back on. Hopefully they make her smile and remember me. We should all be in favor of that.

4. Lighten up. I won’t go into detail on this one. But if you can’t smile at a funny selfie, or be genuinely happy for someone who has found the confidence to post a pic, you have issues.

So go ahead, find the right angle. Go makeupless or paint that face on. Be proud of who you are, and brave enough to show it. Lady, you’ve got my full support.


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