50 Things to Tell Our Daughters

My little girl is one year old and there’s so much ahead of her. I did some thinking and came up with a list of things I want her to know … and remember.

1) Be true to yourself.

2) Tearing others down will never make you feel better.

3) Only become a life partner to someone who sees you as their true equal.

4) It’s okay to be single.

5) Have pride in your beliefs, but listen to the beliefs of others with a closed mouth and open mind.

6) Learn from every mistake. Even if you have to make it twice.

7) If something doesn’t feel right, speak up.

8) You don’t have to be dainty, timid, or stupid.

9) You can, and should try to, be funny.

10) Have the wisdom to spot genuine girlfriends, then hold onto them dearly by supporting and listening to them.

11) Embrace other cultures.

12) Keep your circle positive and diverse.

13) Let yourself feel intimidated, then ask yourself why you feel that way. Chances are, you’re over thinking.

14) Do not ever, at any time, for any reason, change yourself at a man’s request.

15) When given the choice, choose experiences over objects.

16) Love your body. Respect it. Our bodies are incredible machines when you really think about it.

17) Please, please use social media responsibly. It is never truly deleted.

18) Unplug and embrace nature any time you can.

19) Never apologize for your feelings. Our emotions are important. Work to figure yours out.

20) Don’t gossip. Be a ray of sunshine around negative people.

21) Work hard but ask for help when you’ve hit your limit.

22) Don’t get a pet unless you’re sure you can pay vet bills.

23) Always say yes to an adventure.

24) When you get your heart broken, give yourself one day to lie in bed and wallow. Then get your ass up and live your life.

25) Call your mother. Any time and all the time. I will do my best to listen and offer sound advice.

26) Your first time needs to be with someone you love, respect, and trust. And those feelings should be mutual.

27) Come to me with questions about homework, life, sex, finances, work, relationships … Just ask me anything, always.

28) Remember that any relationship is a two way street.

29) Sing in the car.

30) Learn to cook.

31) Read.

32) Learn self defense.

33) No man, I don’t care how powerful in society, has the right to talk down to you.

34) You’ll make a great mom if you choose to have kids. Trust me, you just kind of figure it out as you go.

35) You are not selfish if you don’t want to have babies. It’s best to realize this beforehand. You can, and will, lead a very full life.

36) Should #35 be your path, your dad and I want granddogs.

37) Every time your dad looks at you, he sees his jabbering, happy little baby girl. He can’t help that.

38) Get a degree. If everything else falls apart, you will always have that.

39) Don’t obsess over counting calories.

40) Never leave a drink unattended at a bar and never ever ever drink and get behind the wheel.

41) Never try a cigarette.

42) Jump in puddles.

43) Don’t spend your entire life working. Work hard, but find a balance.

44) If you’re ever a bridesmaid just remember that it’s your job to support and agree with the bride.

45) Go camping.

46) Look people in the eye and shake their hand.

47) Remember that your fashion choices are a reflection of you and your values.

48) Be trustworthy.

49) The environment is precious.

50) Your parents are nuts about you.


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