Not Quite a Warrior (A Poem)

19702390_116837585595899_330527925332871262_nThis world spins fast in a whirlwind of hate.

Every day, more opinions. Every day, a debate.

It’s channeled to us against our will.

News of hate rallies and students who kill.

We cannot accept it as our new norm.

We must walk away from the eye of this storm.

We comfort ourselves with poison and meds,

While corrupt leaders sleep sound in their beds.

We fuel each other and build up a rage.

Death and destruction, every turn of the page.

And yet there you sit grinning, not yet jaded.

Just an innocent child, newly created.

You will soon learn the truth of this planet.

The tribe of man has all but damned it.

Remember that strength is not just in the fight.

Strength is keeping peace when others lose sight.

There is great power in thought before action.

Reason is needed in any troubled faction.

A calm head in a sea of lost minds,

Can still inspire and join party lines.

Not quite a warrior, but a hero the same.

When you encounter pain and darkness, be the healing flame.


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