Innocent and Blissfully Unaware

Can’t stop telling her how much I love her today. She’s oblivious to what’s being reported on the TV. Guns, death, violence, and tragedy don’t exist in her world. How long can I keep her this way, innocent and blissfully unaware? Playing with my one year old while CNN covers another tragic instance of kids who senselessly died too young. It feels unreal. It feels unfair. Because of the lack of action, it feels unimportant. But it’s so important. It matters more than a stupid military parade or paying off porn stars to keep them quiet. Please make it matter. Please be loud about this. Parents, let’s unite. Jesus. We can’t watch this happen one more time. If my child had cancer, and I was told that treatment may help, but there was no guarantee, you bet your ass she’d get that treatment. Because we have to try. For those who say, “these things will still happen” and “gun control won’t make a difference”, shouldn’t we at least try? Damn. Why?


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