Back Away From the Door

We are in a constant state of comparing ourselves to one another. Those on one side of the door marvel at what appears to be on the other side. It drives an ever present tone of dissatisfaction and unfulfillment. Most of us present our best, most polished selves to the rest of the world, be it in person or on social media. This leaves everyone else feeling unpolished and behind the pack, which simply isn’t the case. We all struggle. To keep it real, we all got problems, honey.

No one is perfect. No one’s kids are that perfectly groomed 24/7. No one’s job is that much fun 24/7. No one’s house is that clean 24/7. No one’s relationship is that beautiful 24/7. Newsflash: Nothing is 24/7. Life is constantly evolving. Nothing stays the same. No human being is living in a never ending cycle of perfect bliss. Get real.

Maybe if we all shared a bit more of our true selves, the selves we don’t feel as comfortable sharing, we could help each other fight off those negative, comparative thoughts. I encourage everyone to post real life photos with the hashtag, #reallife. We are all doing whatever we have to in order to make it as professionals, parents, partners, friends, and humans. Be kind and nonjudgmental to others. But mostly to yourself. And damn, everybody needs to slowly back away from the door.



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