The Juggle is Real

The juggle is real. Every day, I am thankful for the opportunity to stay home with my girl. I get to watch her grow and learn. I get to bond with her. I am a lucky, lucky individual. So many parents dream about being able to stay at home. My insanely hard working, supportive husband made this possible. I’ll be forever grateful for this time with our daughter. Financially though, it means we sacrifice. To supplement my spouse’s income, I work from home, as a transcriptionist, as many hours as I can. It’s essential for us. I want it all, and I have it. I get to contribute financially while being there for our girl. This freedom comes with juggling. Lots of juggling. Some days the munchkin cooperates. Other days, I don’t get my laptop out at all. I trade it for sippy cups and infant Tylenol and movie watching and trips outside and snuggles and whatever else my baby needs. And I feel guilty. Because I need to hit my financial quota for the week. I need to make sure there’s enough in the account. But I need to fill her love and memory bank, too. Hence, the juggle. I am so terrified, humbled by, and in love with the juggle. It’s a constant adventure.


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  1. A stay-at home mom here who works evenings and weekends, and sometimes more when she has trustworthy guests who can keep an eye on her baby for a couple of hours. And loving it. I wouldn’t give this moment we’ve been sharing for 2 years already for anything in the world.

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