The Magical Days

My childhood should have been hard. I was born to two high school students in the summer before their senior year. They struggled and eventually divorced. I’m sure there were some really rough days for our little family, but I can honestly say I don’t remember many. I do remember the magic.

My grandparents on each side stepped in to help wherever they were needed and my parents, although very young, were forced to make some really grown up decisions. Luckily, I didn’t hear about most of the turmoil. I was too busy riding horses with my Grandpa Denny or swimming in my Grandma Judi’s pool. I was too busy watching the puppet show my dad was putting on or having great talks with my mom while she highlighted my hair. I was busy building haunted houses at Grandma’s house with my cousins, or riding in tractors, or eating my Grandma Sue’s homemade frosting right out of the tub. There were magical summers full of popsicles and bare feet. There were bright, merry Christmases full of wonder and anticipation. Santa always found time to stop at both Mom and Dad’s house. There were so many dogs, and a cow my uncle named after me, and cousins everywhere. There were summers spent entirely with my friends on our bikes, talking about what boys we liked and hitting up the Dollar General for some new, fun nail polish. There were snowstorms and four wheelers and dress up dresses and board games and ice cream. There were many hours spent on my Grandma Sue’s front porch playing with all of her cake decorations, and days spent camping and lots of time spent in Grandma Judi’s giant van. I watched so many musicals and had so many baby dolls and put on shows and plays and saw lightning bugs. I played on swing sets and hunted for Easter eggs and didn’t have a care in the whole world. And I could have. I could have had lots of cares. But my family made sure I didn’t. Somehow, they were able to make me remember the good stuff, the fun stuff. The magic.

Life isn’t perfect. But someday, when you’re an adult, I hope  you can look back on your childhood and clearly remember all the magic.  I hope there are way more magical days than there are rough ones. Then I’ll feel like I succeeded.


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