Why Kids are Smarter than You and I

Why do we adults always seem to complicate things? We make ourselves miserable worrying about things that won’t matter in the long run, and sweating the small stuff. It’s exhausting. Money is one of those things. Sure, you may not have enough to buy yourself the new wardrobe you’ve been wanting or update the house so it’s just right. But you have a house. You have shelter. You have clothing. You have food to eat and water to drink. Therefore, you have enough.

My living room is full of toys. My backyard is full of toys and an inflatable pool. Heck, we even have a whole room upstairs just devoted to, you guessed it, more toys. We are lucky that Avery has such wonderful grandparents. They’ve gotten her most of those toys. And yet, even with all these exciting gadgets and toys that light up and make sounds and even an iPad, today I watched kids play for an hour with some red solo cups and ping pong balls. (I bet you can’t guess why we have these items simultaneously.)

Seriously, they came up with magic tricks where they made the ball disappear from the cup. They used their imaginations and put on a magic show in the living room for the two little ones and I. Then they decided to play the “memory game”. So they flipped the cups over, put a ping pong ball under one of them and moved them around to challenge each other to choose the correct cup. “Oh, you were wrong!” and “Ah you found it again!” and “Okay, look at where I’m putting the ball and follow along. Are you following?” And then they’d laugh and laugh and fall onto the couch giggling before standing back up and gearing up for the next game. And it got me thinking.

Sometimes, we have to think more like kids. Today, they were interested in the most basic of items, simply because they hadn’t played with those yet. And then they brainstormed and thought about it. And when they came up with the perfect idea on what to do with these items, they freaking ran with it. And it was hilarious. But the point is, they kept it simple. They didn’t worry about whether or not it would be a waste of time to play with the cups. They didn’t wonder if they would regret playing with those instead of playing a game on the iPad. They didn’t worry about what I, or anyone else, would think of them when I saw them doing magic and playing “memory”. They just went for it.

They didn’t overthink. They didn’t think at all. They just took action. And they threw their heads back laughing. And they just didn’t care. They didn’t worry. They just played, the way kids are supposed to.

Sure, we all have responsibilities, relationships, jobs, finances, friendships, bills due, etc. But maybe it would benefit us all if we just stopped worrying for a second, simplified things way, way down, and just let it go for awhile. (Cue the Frozen song now playing in your head.) I bet we’d laugh more than we have in a long, long time. I bet our sides would hurt because of it. I bet we’d high five each other and challenge each other and have a blast. I bet the world would be a much better place if we took a lesson from the kids in our lives. They’re innocent and precious, yes. But more than that, they are smart. They are smart about how they use their energy. They don’t waste a drop of it. They are constantly moving, living, learning, doing, and loving.


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