One Week, Unplugged

I recently “unplugged” for a week. From Sunday to Sunday, no Facebook, no Insta, no Twitter. None of it. Full disclosure: I didn’t do this as a choice. I just spent a week in an area without good service. So it was a forced unplugging. But it was so good for my soul. Here’s what I noticed when I wasn’t allowed to take part in social media for a week.

1) My kid needs me to watch her. She needs me to watch her walk and swim and laugh and go down slides. She needs my attention, my eyes on her. I started to wonder how many times she has looked up at me in pride and was disappointed because my eyes were glued to my phone.

2) Special moments don’t have to be shared. In fact, the idea that I wasn’t sharing them as they were happening kind of made them more special. I remembered how to make memories without recording them.

3) My little life is pretty great just the way it is. There was no scrolling through a feed, seeing so and so’s new house or car, and thinking … man, wouldn’t that be nice? There was only my family and the fact that we had clothes to play in, good food to eat, and great company to laugh with. Newsflash: no one NEEDS more than this. Also, not once did I see a photo of another woman’s body and feel the need to compare mine to hers. This is a horrible habit we all have, and nine times out of ten, our body loses the mental “contest”. Just look at the photo. Check out my rounded belly and chins. I didn’t even think about those things for a week. I was too busy having fun.

4) I’m still in love with my husband. It turns out, it is possible to still have those long talks, or hold hands. You just have to put down the phone.

5) Nature is still the best medicine. I had almost forgotten about the little things. Watching a blue jay perch, hearing trees rustle, and watching deer grazing in the distance. Yep, nature still rocks. And all too often, I miss out on it because I’m busy editing photos to post to impress my social media friends. Like, I saw a sunset. Sadly, I can’t remember the last time I saw a sunset.

I think I will try to unplug more. Because it isn’t so much about unplugging. It’s more about plugging into what is real. Life is so temporary. Time is always fleeting. I need to stop to take it all in more often. As much as I love sharing and posting and brightening others’ days … that’s not my job. My job is to love on my guy and my baby girl while I can.


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